The History of Basic Combat Training


Basic combat training (BCT) is what soldiers must endure to join the ranks of the U.S. military. Over the years it continues to evolve as more efficient and well-designed training methods are developed.

Air Force Basic Training Dorm Lackland AFB San Antonio, Texas

Air Force Basic Training Dorm Lackland AFB San Antonio, Texas

A Female's Perspective of Air Force Basic Training


I was not that nervous on my way to BMT -- I was kind of excited because I thought I knew what to expect. I had read up on it, asked a zillion questions on this forum, and talked with countless people who had been through BMT. The Military Reception Center at the San Antonio Airport did not have any TIs there waiting for us, or any military personnel whatsoever.

Vietnam in HD . Basic Training


After joining the military, the first step on the journey to Vietnam was basic training.

The D.I - Jack Webb

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As a United States Marine this is one of my favorite movies staring one of the GREATEST actors Jack Webb as a United States Marine Corps Drill Instructor. Mr. jack Webb had served in our Armed Forces during WWII with the Army Air Corps as a crew member on B-26 and as Drill Sergeant.